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    Yale, Kwik Set, Schlage and other brands. 10 brands of Residential & Commercial lock systems.

    Kwikset. Kwikset is a standard.
    Schlage. Schlage Locks are great with reliability and ability to service.
    Other Brands Yale Baldwin Medeco RR Brink Mul-T-Lock Corbin Russwin.

    Open Locksmith installs and repairs all brands of door locks and handle sets for both residential and commercial. All locks and handles are composed of solid brass, steel and other components. If you need more information about the different types of locks call Open Locksmith today.  212-242-0111

    Product Description

    Door Locksmith

    Door Locksmith – When you purchase a new home it is advisable to change the door locks or re-key the lock. When our parents first bought their homes they did not have many choices, but technology has changed the environment of home ownership. Mechanical lock systems are reliable choice for homes. Today options are available for key pads, cell phone activation, and many other electronic lock systems choices.  If you are wondering about what’s the real difference between them. Here, we have prepared a short list of the main differences between mechanical lock systems and electronic lock systems to help you out making a decision! If you need Contact Open Locksmith
    Main Differences:
    1. “Keyless” Just Like It Says
    Access your home with a finger print or key pad code.
    2. “In Expensive” Keyless access is affordable and like anything you purchase it comes with different levels of presentation.
    3. Easy And Simple Installation
    Electronic keyless systems are easy to install for a professional locksmith. If you are attempting to install yourself give yourself time to follow the instructions. Normally, they get installed in minutes, and there’s no wiring involved. If you make a mistake, call Open locksmith.
    4. Looking Good with style
    If you love style a keyless system is for you. But if old school is at the top of your of your list then mechanical lock systems might be a better option. Fashion also comes with mechanical systems. Just call Open Locksmith for a review of your locksmiths. Our professionals have access to more selections than Home Depo or Lowes.
    5. You’re Not On The Guest List
    What else is interesting about an electronic lock system, the possibilities to control the access for your close friends and staff. Opening the door with just a key pad code or electronic access code. Provisional pins can be coded and when you disable them people will instantly lose access to your household.

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