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    Yale, Kwik Set, Schlage and other brands. 10 brands of Residential & Commercial lock systems.

    Kwikset. Kwikset is a standard.
    Schlage. Schlage Locks are great with reliability and ability to service.
    Other Brands Yale Baldwin Medeco RR Brink Mul-T-Lock Corbin Russwin.

    Open Locksmith installs and repairs all brands of door locks and handle sets for both residential and commercial. All locks and handles are composed of solid brass, steel and other components. If you need more information about the different types of locks call Open Locksmith today.  212-242-0111

    Product Description

    Locksmith 10011

    Locksmith 10011 – Open Locksmith Services are ready for home owners and businesses people who need help locking it up tight. Even if you are locked out of your home, business or car Open Locksmith can help. But for this disclosure I will be talking about the common residential and commercial door.  How the door supports the lock set that locks the objective. Why, because after so many years of looking at doors and being requested to replace a door lock on a door that offers no protective support is frustrating. Many older doors and doorjambs are weak and do not protect the occupant from unsafe entry. What is always fun is when you realize a door and jam is in poor construction you can open the door with an air bag. An air bag is used for opening car doors without damaging a door. As a locksmith I can spend twenty minutes picking a lock or just put the air bag between the door and jam then inflating the bag.  Soon the door will separate from the jam and the door opens.  The point is that the door and jam are losing the strength that once before secured a household.  What can you do about this type of issue?Reinforcement – Strike plate reinforcement can be added to the door or door frame jam. Even most commercial offices today are reinforced with an extra plate that keeps a thief from cutting through the door latch. Residential applications reinforcement plates come in matching gold, silver, chrome bronze, white etc.Dried Wood – A lot of times on a residential or commercial wood door or jam the wood is so dry it cannot hold a screw effectively and shortly after the locksmith has gone the door handles and lock begin to loosen. A good locksmith with point out this issue and make recommendations for a solution.Open Locksmith installs high quality lock systems such as Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, Corbin, Yale, Baldwin, Schlage and Kwikset. But again the quality of the lock is only as good as the quality of the installation. Call Open Locksmith 10011 today.  (212) 242-0111


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