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Open Locksmith INC Local Service at Lenox Hill UES NY 10021 – Many realtors used the term “Upper East Side” instead of “East Harlem” to define areas that are north of 96th street such as on 5th ave or areas close by such as 97th street to avoid the negative connotation since people associate the latter with being a less prestigious neighborhood. However, zip codes 10029 and the elected officials that represent East Harlem never cross 96th street and they do not refer to their neighborhoods as being part of the Upper East Side.
Its north-south avenues are Fifth Avenue, Madison Avenue, Park Avenue, Lexington Avenue, Third, Second and First Avenues, York Avenue, and East End Avenue (the latter runs only from East 79th Street to East 90th Street).
Once known as the ‘Silk Stocking District’, it retains its position as the most affluent area of New York City.
As of the 2000 census, there were 207,543 people residing in the Upper East Side. The population density was 118,184 people per square mile (45,649/km²), making Manhattan Community Board 8, coterminous with the Upper East Side, the densest Community Board in the city. The racial makeup of the neighborhood was 88.25% White, 6.14% Asian. Given its very high population density and per capita income ($85,081 in 2000), the neighborhood is believed to contain the greatest concentration of individual wealth in the world. As of 2000, 75.6% of adults (25+) had attained a bachelor’s degree or higher.
Lenox Hill UES NY 10021 Local 24 Hour Locksmith Provider
Locksmith NYC 10021 Lenox Hill is a neighborhood on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. It forms the lower section of the Upper East Side, closest to Midtown. The office of Open Locksmith 10021 in Lenox Hill is your local choice for fast, knowledgeable and qualified technicians when needed. Our 24/7 emergency locksmith service guarantees an immediate response to all calls.
We cover the following spheres – Master Lock Systems, Electric Lock Systems, Automotive Services, Access Control, Safes and CCTV. Locksmith 10021 in Lenox Hill has the expertise to safeguard what matters most. And that is not all. We offer a variety of services for residential, commercial and automotive needs as well.
Locksmith 10021 Lenox Hill is equipped with the most innovative technology on the market. Locksmith 10021 is famous for its reliable service in the district.

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